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Affordable Steel Barns for Sale

Nov 26, 2010   |   by admin   |   Steel Barns for Sale  |  1 Comment

Steel Barns for SaleWhat exactly is it that you are hoping for when you see a company advertising steel barns for sale? In today’s world, your steel barns need to be versatile. And you cannot just store your important equipment anywhere. You need a good building that will stand for a good long time, and keep the things that you need safe protected. So what are your options? You can build the barn yourself, but that takes time and is much more expensive than you would think. That leaves you with paying someone to build it, or buying a pre fabricated building. But if you want the best in steel barns for sale, then you need look no further than right here at Coast to Coast.

Steel Barns for Sale at Coast to Coast Carports

It used to be that you had to build something yourself so that it was customized to your specifications. But we understand that your needs are the most important thing in a steel barn. That is why we offer you so many options to customize. Whether you need extra doors, wider frames, or a taller building, we can make that happen for you. You even get to choose the color your barn will come in, which gives you the opportunity to truly make your steel barn whatever you want it to be, without the hassle of building it yourself.

And you are going to get a great product as well. No inferior materials here, only the best, highest gauges of steel to ensure that your barn lasts for years. In fact, we offer a 20 year warranty on rust through of framing on roofing material assuming normal user care and maintenance which is the best guarantee in the business. It is no wonder that when people think steel barns for sale, they think about Coast to Coast.

Steel Building Barn

Oct 19, 2010   |   by admin   |   Steel Building Barn  |  2 Comments

Steel Building BarnA steel building barn is one of the most important buildings on any farm. You probably have experience with barns made of inferior materials like wood, and know that they lose their good appearance extremely quickly without regular and expensive maintenance. That is why you can buy a steel building barn from Coast to Coast that will last much longer than alternative materials. Every steel building from Coast to Coast has a 20 year warranty on rust through of framing on roofing material assuming normal user care and maintenance and is made with the highest quality 12, 14 and higher gauge steel. The maintenance on these steel buildings is much easier than on wood buildings, so you will have a building that will last for years.

An Affordable and Custom Steel Building Barn for your Property

Coast to Coast buildings are prefabricated, which means that you do not have to pay contractors for a new building from the ground up. Your building will be installed by professionals after it is delivered. Since freight costs will vary from region to region you need to call Coast to Coast to get your price estimate, but you will definitely play a lower price than with any other company.

But you need a steel building barn that will look great as well. This building will be a part of your home or farm for years, which means that its appearance is just as important as its durability. At Coast to Coast you can choose from 13 different colors, including: Evergreen, Red Barn, Slate Blue, White, Quaker Gray, Burgundy, Clay Pewter, Gray, Earth Brown, Rawhide, Pebble Beige, and Black. The popular colonial option gives you two different colors, so you will be happy with your new steel building for many years to come.